Villa & Property Management

We arrange the day-to-day administration of running a property, paying bills, organizing maid service, pool cleaning and gardening. As a client of Proluna Properties, you can take advantages of special discounts that we have negotiated with selected suppliers on a range of items for the home. We also take care of domestic repairs with various partners. Whether you use your property as a holiday home or as a permanent base, you can rest assured and leave the management to us, leaving you more time to enjoy the Algarve.                                                                                              

Proluna villa management services operates in the Area East of Faro( East Algarve) for the management packages but covers the whole Algarve for holiday rentals.

We can provide you with all the property management services you wish. We have several packages we can offer you which are than tailor made to your wishes. All packages serve to purposes. Our services can be contracted individually as well as in a package. Most important is that the services are tailored to your specific wishes. If the service you are looking for is not mentioned on the site please contact Proluna

Start up package

For instance, the next step after buying a property is settling in. Here, Proluna villa management offers a convenient service package that is tailor made to suit your property management needs, and can be progressed immediately after the purchase of your new home. This service starts the moment the deeds to the property are signed and ends from the moment you are settled comfortably into your new property. The services includes arrangement for someone to tend to the upkeep of your Portuguese property, including the garden and swimming pool maintenance, as well as also providing financial upkeep services such as helping you as the owner set up a bank account, finding you a lawyer, attaining your fiscal number, helping you arrange a mortgage, arranging the utilities, home insurance and even furniture. In short we have a whole package we can offer you with which to get you started in Portugal!.

Running a Property Package

When you already own a property for a few years you know what is involved with keeping a property in good shape. So do we. So let us take over all the work so you just can enjoy your property. If you already have certain services contracted this is no problem for us. We will just see to it that they do their job properly and work with them to see that your property is wel looked after. If you are not completely happy with your current services. Contact us and let us convince you that we can do a better job.


o       Always in control of your Property from Abroad

o       Get a property visit report every 10 days with digital pictures

o       Superb rental facilities

o       Provide all services in and around the property

o       Professional and dependable partner             

The most important part of all  the property management packages is that we go and check your property every 10 working days, which means that your property is not unattended for longer than 2 weeks. This means any problems will be quickly spotted and therefore can be addressed before damage is done so there will be no unpleasant surprises when you next return, allowing you to relax when you are not residing in your Portuguese property.

Another important service we provide is keeping you up to date on your property. We keep you up to date via email, so that you can oversee every aspect of your property management. On our website homeowners can log in to their own personal page, where the reports of our visits will be accessible, along with digital pictures. Here, you will also find an overview of all bills we have paid in your name, allowing you complete financial control.


Property Rental Service


Proluna, by law, can not rent out your property. We however work closely together with a few rental agencies of which we highly recommend VillaVida (Click here for the link to their website). They stand for the same quality level and professionalism as we stand for. They also have a very good track record in renting out properties in the Algarve Portugal. So if you want to rent out your property please contact them. With VillaVida renting out your property and us providing the services locally to the guests renting can give you a great return on your investment without any hassle.


Financial management


Proluna offers financial services. These services can provide you with a total financial overview of your asset in great detail. E.g. mortgages, possible rental benefits and costs, insurances and taxes. Proluna can also support you in selecting e.g. insurances and a mortgage. Are you interested in these financial services and what Proluna can do for you please contact us.


Prices and conditions


Since Proluna offers tailor made services, prices and conditions will be offered on an individually base. Of course you can expect our pricing to be competitive, but quality is key.